Friday, September 15, 2017

Jbird is 5 years old

My second son Jbird turned 5 a month ago. Five years old who started Kindergarten this year. You guys, I can't even get over how quickly things are going. My kids are just growing and growing and growing and I am so thankful for their great health.

Jbird is such a fun loving kid. He is calm, cool and collected. This time last year he was barely talking and now, he is a complete chatterbox. I am so happy, actually I am ecstatic. I don't want him to stop, I always ask him questions and encourage me to tell me stories. I love my not so little Jbird so much. He is pure sweetness wrapped in a handsome shell.

My sweet Jbird on his 5th birthday
I took loads of pictures of him because I just love taking pictures of my kids :)
He got tired of it pretty quickly
Yeah, he was totally done here :)
 Just one more, because this kids is so handsome and an absolute joy to be around
On his actual birthday, we celebrated him at home with our families. He wanted cupcakes so of course we delivered
I asked to take a picture with his cake but he didn't care. His brothers definitely wanted to help
Tman, my little camera loving kid said "I'll take a picture for Jbird" :) :). This kid I tell you
I love this series of picture of us waiting to help Joshua blow his candles
Are you loving all the smiles like I am
Hubby made an appearance before he started getting the cupcakes ready
Then it was time to get the candle ready for Jbird
I love my family so much and all these happy people that I get to hang out with everyday
Grandma and Bean are always the cutest duo
Emilia waiting for a cupcake
Then it was time to open some presents
Everybody was excited to help Jbird open his presents

My big boy Jbird was just so happy for all the precious gifts he received

I love this picture of my mom and brother with the youngest grand babies. That's my nephew right there
How sweet are these two babies

Awwww at Emilia and grandma
We had such a great time celebrating Jbird on his 5th birthday. I love that we always make a big deal about celebrating birthdays in our house. I am thankful that we live near family and they get to watch the kids grow. Happy birthday sweet Jbird. Thank you for filling up our lives with so much joy and happiness everyday. We love you to the moon and back

Monday, August 7, 2017

Happy 8th anniversary to us

On July 25th, we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. I am still in shock that our wedding was 8 years ago. Those 8 years came so quickly, I swear I just blinked and we were here. Happy 8th anniversary to us.

We had plans to travel to Guadeloupe with my cousin and were just going to celebrate while we were there. However, hubby started a new job 4 months ago and simply couldn't take the time off in addition to our trip to Punta Cana in April. I was so bummed because in our 8 years of marriage, this was the first time that we weren't together on our actual anniversary.

We decided to celebrate the weekend before because I am all about celebrating everything in life. Our parents watched the kids for us so that we could get a one night getaway. We are so lucky to have all this amazing support in our lives.

We checked in at the hotel and went out to the city for dinner. I just love this picture of us. 8 years and 4 kids later. I look forward to celebrating many more happy years with my favorite guy.
Our new thing when we are in a hotel it to pre-drink before we go out. So of course we did a little pre drinking before we left.
Of course that led to funny mirror pics as you do. Hubby is always acting crazy when I pull the camera :)
I love this man to pieces and I am so happy that I get to do life with him everyday
We walked around the city for a bit before dinner and of course I asked someone to take a picture of us. Ain't nobody got time for selfies ;).
We had an awesome dinner in the city. Hubby didn't want any pictures during dinner, does he know me?

 Ring picture of course. Hubby was playing the drums with his hands in the shape of a heart, how appropriate :)
I had to bribe him for this picture. I just love that you can see the city lights in the background
 Our server got overzealous and decided to take another picture, I don't mind that at all :)
 Hubby always makes the craziest faces as soon as the camera is in his face. Lucky for him, I love his crazy faces
The next day we had plans for brunch at one of our favorite brunch place. This place is so popular that the wait was almost an hour. Luckily we knew that so we planned to do a boat ride while we waited.

Getting ready to get on the boat
Hubby was pedaling the whole time while I took a million pictures of course. This was hard you guys
 Now that's the life
  Look at that big dragon boat. We moved that thing around like pros, well hubby did :)
 We definitely worked up an appetite after that boat ride. Brunch was so delicious.
After brunch we went to see the movie "Baby Driver", such a good movie. I highly recommend. We picked up the kids after the movie. It was a really nice overnight break to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

I love this close up shot of us on the boat
I am already planning our next anniversary, maybe we can finally do the Greek isle of Santorini. Happy 8th anniversary to us.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tman is 7 years old

Happy birthday to my big boy Tman who turned 7 on July 21st. Every time his birthday comes around, I can't believe how much he has grown. My first baby is 7 years old you guys.

My handsome Tman on his 7th birthday
We have a party planned for him and Jbird in a few weeks but we always celebrate on the actual birthday with cake and family. I am big on celebrating birthdays and I want the kids to always remember their birthdays as a very special day. We enjoyed some cake and opened presents on the actual day with our close family.

The boys are really into the PJ Mask characters so we got them these bracelets to wear all the time. I also got one for my niece so that she was part of the crew.
 Tman opened a few gifts with the help of his brothers

 His cousin also took part in the opening of gifts :)
 Emilia really wanted in on the action

Tman got this game that he really wanted and we had to play  it right away. You get a card with a picture on it and the person with the card on his forehead has to guess what they have. It was such a fun game and I am sure it will fill our evenings with lots of fun.
Giving Emilia lots of kisses

My nephew is big enough for photo ops with all the kids now, how awesome is that

We tried to take a few family shots with the cake but it was pure chaos
Hubby and I with all the cousins. Would it be a mad house if we had that many kids. Gosh, I am so glad we are done with that business.
My mom came just in time to hang out with the babies of the group
I tried to get a picture of her with all her grand kids and it was an impossible feat
These kids are hilarious
We had a blast celebrating our big boy Tman on his actual birthday. Every year that passes, we are so grateful to watch this kid grow into an amazing boy. I pray that he continue to grown into an amazing human being and I hope to celebrate many more birthdays with him. Happy birthday to my sweet first born son. We love you to the moon and back.